Environmental sustainability is the need of the hour and Precision Foundation is addressing this need through many of its activities to protect the planet we all live on.

Solar panel for Adhar Vishwasth Sanstha, Bhogaon

A solar system for entire lighting requirement was installed at the old age care centre run by ‘Aadhar Vishwasth Sanstha’, Bhogaon, Tal. North Solapur. The 20KV Solar plant was installed at an expense of about Rs. 15 lakhs. This will bring their electricity bill to ‘zero’

There are about 90 elders at this old age home housed in three sections – One for those who need physiotherapy or other treatments for rehabilitation after illnesses like paralysis etc, another for rehabilitation of the mentally challenged and the third section for normal elders who have no one to look after them at home.

Bio gas plant at Padsali Tal. North Solapur

Precision with the help of Bhagirath Gramvikas Pratishthan of Kudal (Dist. Sindhudurg) built Bio gas plants in 3 villages of Solapur district, in the month of April 2023, namely Solankarwadi, Shetphal & Chinchani. The objective was to have a pilot plant and to conduct workshops to train local masons to build Bio Gas Plants. 10 local masons from 4 talukas were trained in these workshops.
A biogas plant was built at Padsali, Tal. North Solapur as a continuation of this project. The villagers vowed to make the village smoke free by building biogas plants in every household.

Solar Plant for Pumping Water at NCC 38 MH Battalion, Solapur

  • A solar system for pumping water was installed at the NCC 38 Maharashtra Battalion office in Solapur. The system was handed over to the CO of NCC 38 Battalion commanding officer Colonel Rajesh Gajraj by Foundation Chairperson Dr. Suhasini Shah, in the presence of Colonel Vikram Jadhav, Subedar Major Arun Kumar, Nayab Subedar Satish Kumar and other dignitaries and guests. Speaking at the inauguration program, Dr Shah said that NCC is a training center for the future soldiers of the country and Precision is proud to have received this opportunity to serve the colony of Army & NCC Officers who work relentlessly to protect our country.
  • NCC 38 Battalion has a Unit Office and a Military Colony in Solapur. The water supply for this colony will now be done using solar energy. Two Solar plants of 5.5 KV each have been installed for running 2 pumps of 5 HP each. This will result in a saving of 3.5 to 4 lakhs in electricity bills per year.

Solar Pumping Project – Technical detail

  • Solar Pump system for
    • 1. Borewell: 5 HP: 5 Kw system
    • 2. Open well: 5 HP: 5 Kw system
  • With Dual Starter to run the pumps on
    • 1. Solar Power and
    • 2. MSEDCL Local Power Supply (in case of cloudy weather/ at night)

Bio Gas plant at Solankarwadi

  • Precision Foundation with the help of Bhagirath Gramvikas Pratishthan of Kudal (Dist. Sindhudurg) built Bio gas plants in 3 villages of Solapur district, namely Bolwadi at Shetphal (Tal. Mohol), Chinchani (Tal. Pandharpur) and Solankarwadi (Tal. Madha), in the month of April 2023. The objective was to have a pilot plant and to conduct workshops to train local masons to build Bio Gas Plants. 10 local masons from 4 talukas were trained in these workshops.
  • Biogas is a renewable fuel produced by anaerobic digestion of organic matter like animal dung and food. It takes 10 to 30 days for growth of bacteria and production of methane gas, after charging it with organic matter for the first time. All three Bio Gas plants are now producing methane gas giving blue flame which can be used for cooking for about 3 hours per day.
  • The bio gas plant at Solankarwadi was inaugurated on June 12, 2023 in the presence of Dr. Prasad Deodhar of Bhagirath, Dr Suhasini Shah, Dr Nishigandha Mali, Ex-President of Solapur Zilla Parishad and Mr. Balasaheb Pandhare, Sarpanch of Solankarwadi Gram Panchayat by igniting the gas burner.
  • Dr Deodhar explained that the dung of one cow can produce enough Biogas to cook for a family of 6, while protecting the environment by avoiding use of fossil fuels or wood and saving money used for buying LPG Cylinders. The effluent slurry from the Biogas plant can be used as a manure in the farm and the effluent water can be sprayed like a pesticide. The sentiment of common farmers in India towards the cow and the saying "Gomay Vasate Lakshmi" is practically justified by 'Biogas'. He further expressed that Precision should promote use of Biogas in the entire district by carrying more such workshops.

Bio Gas Plants

  • Precision through its CSR has provided solar powered system for public water supply in Chinchani village (Tal. Pandharpur, Dist. Solapur) and has also installed 35 solar powered Street Lights reducing the dependence of Chinchani village on electricity further.
  • As a part of our commitment towards Sustainable Development of the village, PCL organised a workshop on benefits of ‘Bio Gas plants’ at Chinchani under the guidance of Dr. Prasad Deodhar of Bhagirath Gramvikas Pratishthan, Kudal.
  • We will be soon conducting training programs for Masons for building Bio Gas plants in 5 more villages of Solapur district

Provision of Solar Street Lights at Chinchani

  • Chinchani, a relocated village in Solapur district, was originally at the foothills of Sahyadri and had to be relocated on a barren land due to construction of a dam about 30 years ago. With hard work and determination, the villagers have developed this into a beautiful clean & green village. The Public water supply in Chinchani village (Tal. Pandharpur, Dist. Solapur) was converted to fully solar powered system in 2021 with the help of PCL through its CSR funds. PCL has now installed 35 solar powered Street Lights in Chinchani reducing the dependence of Chinchani village on electricity further.

Solar Power system for VK - VAYAM

  • Vivekananda Center for Vedantic Application and Yoga Management - VK Vayam - in Solapur has moved into a beautiful new Green Building. PCL has supported them with installation of Roof Top Solar Power System throgh its CSR. The 24 kilowatt solar power system will be sufficient for the electrical needs of the entire building, which constitutes training halls, library, accommodation facility, kitchen, dining etc.
  • VK Vayam, in involved in skill development and training programs are organized regularly on various subjects like Yoga, Stress free lifestyle, Indian philosophy of life etc.

Provision of Solar power system for Bolwadi

  • ‘Bolvadi’, is a speech therapy centre for deaf mute children at Shetphal, Dist. Solapur is run by Mr. Yogesh Bhange and Mrs. Jayatai Bhange under their Voice of Voiceless (VoV) project. Over 200 deaf children have benefitted with speech therapy and attend normal schools. The parents of these children are also involved in the process as they have to make sure the children practise it regularly.
  • The infrastructure of this centre was created with the support of PCL in ___ . PCL has also supported them with various projects for early detection of deafness in children. PCL has now helped them with a Solar Power System for their water supply, mainly for pumping water from a borewell and lifting it to the overhead tanks.

Eco-Friendly Ganesh Idol project at Zarap

  • In the past few years, the use of Plaster of Paris in making Ganesh idols has increased as it is lighter in weight, idols come out more beautiful and is more profitable. However this has created many environmental and health problems. These idols have particularly proved to be hazardous after immersion in the water bodies as these are made of a chemical (Calcium sulphate dihydrate) that does not decompose for many months and is dangerous for the ecosystem of the waterbodies.
  • Ganesh festival is celebrated in a very big way in Konkan area. Considering this, Bhagirath Gram Vikas Pratishthan from Zarap in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra took a revolutionary step in making eco-friendly Ganesh idols. They experimented by mixing clay and cow dung (Gomay) as a medium to make the idols. These idols proved to be light in weight, beautiful as well as decomposable on immersion in water.
  • Bhagirath Pratishthan has developed a training model for making such Gomay Ganesh idols and are training the local artists to use the same. Bhagirath Gram Vikas Pratishthan is thus trying to create a movement for eco-friendly Gomay Ganesh idols. The project was funded by Precision as part of the CSR. Funds were utilised for procuring mixer pots, rolling pins, Ganesh moulds and other materials required for this training. The project is an important step towards environmental protection and conservation.

Goat Farming and Artificial Insemination Centre at Zarap

  • Goat farming can be a suitable side business to the declining agricultural income and related problems faced by the farmers in Maharashtra. However, goat farming is not seen as a supplementary industry as the farmers lack scientific knowledge in goat rearing. Realising this, Bhagirath Gram Vikas Pratishthan from Zarap in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra decided to set up an ultra-modern and well-equipped permanent training centre for Goat rearing and Artificial Insemination. The project has been financed by Precision Camshafts Limited as a part of its CSR.
  • The project will provide scientific training for goat rearing and artificial insemination to willing farmers. The two-day training programs will impart knowledge in the areas of goat feed, breeding, deworming, medicines for diseases as well as sales arrangements. In commercial goat rearing, goat heat is synchronized exposing all goats to heat at the same time and then carrying out group artificial insemination. This results is breeding kids of the same species which can be sold at a good price. Bhagirath's ultra-modern artificial insemination centre and goat rearing project are adding modernity, science, technology and training to goat rearing.

Solar power for water supply of Chinchani village

  • Public water supply in Chinchani village (Tal. Pandharpur, Dist. Solapur) will be fully solar powered. Implemented with the financial support of Precision Camshafts Limited from its CSR fund, this project can be a role model for the whole of Maharashtra. Chinchani, a relocated village due to construction of a dam, is known as 'Mini Mahabaleshwar' in Solapur district. The solar project was inaugurated on June 22, 2021, by Chairperson of Precision Foundation, Dr. Suhasini Shah, Chief Executive Officer of Solapur Zilla Parishad Mr. Dilip Swamy and Superintendent of Police Mrs. Tejaswi Satpute. Solar panels have been installed near the cremation ground at Chinchani for pumping of water from a bore well using a 5 HP motor. The water will be used for watering the plantation of more than a 300 trees around it. Another set of Solar panels to power a 12.5 HP motor is installed near a well where the pumped water is stored and taken to the water tower for the water supply of Chinchani village. Thus the village water supply system will be powered by Solar energy. The use of natural energy sources will greatly reduce the dependence of Chinchani on electricity. The project was completed in nine days by Mr. Omkar Modak of Jogeshwari Solar Services in Solapur.

Help for excavation of canal

  • The reservoir created by the Ujani dam on the river Bhima provides multipurpose benefits of irrigation, hydroelectric power generation, drinking and industrial water supply and fisheries. The city of Solapur receives its water supply through a pipeline from the Ujani reservoir. The irrigation is through two (right bank and left bank) canal systems. The Bhima Sina interlink, a 21 kms tunnel from Ujani reservoir, supplies water for vast lands in the Sina river tributaries. Water from Ujani received in Sina river through the tunnel is also carried through a canal into the Hipparga reservoir and then Ekrukh reservoir near Solapur partly by gravity and partly by lift. The farmers in this area did voluntary work for widening and deepening of the canal. The Nanaj to Narotewadi stretch of this canal however required machine work to break the 800 meters long hard rock and make a 4 meter wide canal. PCL as a part of its CSR helped the villagers for this work by providing excavators and earth moving equipment.The water will now further gravitate to the water filtration /purification plant at Bhavani Peth, Solapur. This work will benefit people from Narotewadi, Mardi, Sevalalnagar, Taratgaon, Ule, Raleras, Banegaon, Bhogaon, Haglur, Hipparga villages and from Shelgi, Maddiwasti and Budhwar Peth areas of Solapur.

Watershed management in 6 villages from North Solapur Taluka

  • Precision Foundation as a part of CSR of Precision Camshafts Limited, helped 6 villages from North Solapur Taluka, namely Kalaman, Raanmasale, Kondi, Wadala, Akkalkoti and Wangi, for the machine work in order to improve watershed in these draught prone areas. JCB’s and excavators were provided for increasing the depth of rivulets, making trenches, digging pits for plantation etc.. These villages are participating in the Water Cup competition. This pre-monsoon preparation would certainly help increase water storage in these villages and would also improve ground water levels.
  • The Satyamev Jayate Water Cup is an annual competition organized by Paani Foundation in which villages compete to do the best work in rainwater harvesting and watershed management. The foundation selects drought-hit tehsils, trains a group of residents in watershed development and organizes a 45-day ‘water cup’ contest among villages to see who creates the maximum possible rainwater storage capacity, thereby gaming water conservation. Villages build water conservation structures through Shramdaan (voluntary labour), raise money for machine work, test and treat soil, budget water usage, implement water saving technologies, etc. Paani Foundation makes technical help available to the participants.

Fund Donation To Rotary Club Modnimb

  • The foundation provided financial help to Rotary Club Modnimb for their Pani Foundation project at Modnimb (Dist. Solapur). The Rotarians and people of modnimb voluntarily contributed physical efforts for creating a reservoir that would store about 10 million litres of water.

Solar Panel Installation

  • As a step towards a greener planet and to further enhance the digital classroom experience for the schools, Precision Foundation installed solar panels to power all the digital classrooms.

Donation of Recycled Footwear with Greensole

  • A proud collaboration between Precision Foundation and Greensole to promote basic hygiene and sustainability. We took a step towards sustainability by donating 1360 pairs of recycled footwear to children from 16 schools in Solapur district.

    Find out more about Greensole at

Green Campus

  • Precision Foundation and PCL have together planted trees to maintain greenery over its 40 acres facility using recycled water by drip irrigation.

Other Green Initiatives

  • Precision Foundation has other sustainability projects in the pipeline such as tree plantation drive, recycling program, taking some of its programs paperless, etc.



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