Social Issues

Whether it is providing safe drinking water or maintaining the upkeep of the crematorium and burial ground, Precision Foundation's activities address the often neglected needs of the society.

Naturopathy Center with Blind Therapists

  • In 2016, Precision Foundation sponsored the training of 22 visually impaired members of Swadhar - an organization which works towards overall rehabilitation of disabled people especially the blind. This initiative was part of Swadhar’s vocational training program.
  • In 2017, Precision Foundation donated funds to Swadhar for constructing a Naturopathy Center (‘Manav Vedana Mukti Kendra’). The visually impaired community members of Swadhar, who received training sponsored by Precision Foundation in providing various therapy treatments will serve as therapists at this center.

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Voice of Voiceless Abhiyaan ‘Bolvadi Tarangan’ Opening Ceremony

  • On 28th September 2017, ‘Bolvadi Tarangan’, the speech therapy centre for deaf children at Shetphal, Dist. Solapur was inaugurated at the hands of Mr. Yatin Shah & Dr. Suhasini Shah. The infrastructure of this centre has been supported by Precision Foundation. Mr. Yogesh Bhange and Mrs. Jayatai Bhange run this speech therapy centre under their Voice of Voiceless (VoV) project.
  • Currently 80+ deaf children are given speech therapy so that the children can attend normal schools and lead normal lives in future. The parents of these children are also involved in the process as they have to make sure the children practise it regularly.

Speech Therapy Center & BERA Testing Machine

  • Precision Foundation is currently helping in the complete infrastructure development for a speech therapy center at Shetphal. This initiative for the group ‘Voice of Voiceless’ would help patients in early detection of deafness among children and to implement timely corrective measures through hearing and speech therapy.
  • The foundation also donated a BERA testing machine to Dr. Vaishampayan Memorial Government Medical College & General Hospital in Solapur for early detection of deafness among children.

Hunger & Malnutrition Eradication Program

  • In 2016, Precision Foundation extended its support to ‘Bharatmata Paradhi Vikas Pratishthan’ in Mohol that works for providing equal education opportunities to the often neglected nomadic ‘Paradhi’ group. The foundation provides for their complete food requirements to prevent malnutrition in children of this group.

Drinking Water Aid

  • In 2014, when MIDC Akkalkot area was severely affected by water shortages, the Foundation supplied drinking water by tankers to the residential colonies in the affected areas.

Mobility Assistance at Local Railway Station

  • In 2011, Precision Foundation donated a battery operated vehicle to the Solapur Railway Station for assisting the movement of the elderly and the disabled and looks after the operation and maintenance of the cart.

Upgradation & Maintenance of Local Crematorium

  • Precision Foundation entered into an agreement with Solapur Municipal Corporation for the upkeep of the crematorium and burial ground at Modi, Solapur for a period of 5 years from 2007 to 2012. During this period, repairs and maintenance of the building housing the electric crematorium were carried out. Three new burning sheds were built. The approach road was built / tarred. Burial ground was cleaned and levelled. Provision was also made for drinking water near the crematorium.



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Precision Foundation & Medical Research Trust

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