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Provision of Computers and Printers to Police Stations in Solapur

Precision has been supporting the local administration by providing various facilities. Two police stations namely, Sadar Bazar Police Station and Akkalkot Road MIDC Police Station in Solapur, were provided with two computers and a printer each in order to speed up their routine work. Inspector Ashwini Bhosale of Sadar Bazar Police Station and Inspector Shivshankar Bondar of MIDC Police Station accepted these computers from Precision Camshafts Limited.

Provision of Kitchen Equipment for Bal Bhavan by Eklavya Nyasa

"Anything can wait, but the needs of the child; because his tomorrow depends upon his today". child is the future of the society as he/she grows into the basic element of the society i.e. citizen and builds foundation of the society by creating a family.

Eklavya Nyasa believes in encouraging the dropouts to continue their education and provide them with alternate career options. Provide education at least up to SSCE and equip them with skills for employment opportunities. Empowering these children to lead healthy life of their choice and equipping them to acquire skills to earn their livelihood. The activity of the Nyasa got itself rooted in Pune in the year 1999 while in 2002 it was registered as a trust. Primarily the Nyasa started working with the children of commercial sex workers. The child always feels that Home is the best institution. Nyasa decided to rehabilitate the child in his home itself. Currently they take care of 100 children in Pune.

Eklavya Nyasa has recently started a residential facility called ‘Bal Bhavan’ at Vetal Bhamburde, Tal. Kudal, Dist. Sindhudurg. This facility offers shelter to 100 boys and girls and required some basic amenities like kitchen utensils, washing machines and other electrical appliances etc. which have been provided by Precision Camshafts Limited through its CSR.

Goat Farming and Artificial Insemination Centre at Zarap

Goat farming can be a suitable side business to the declining agricultural income and related problems faced by the farmers in Maharashtra. However, goat farming is not seen as a supplementary industry as the farmers lack scientific knowledge in goat rearing. Realising this, Bhagirath Gram Vikas Pratishthan from Zarap in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra decided to set up an ultra-modern and well-equipped permanent training centre for Goat rearing and Artificial Insemination. The project has been financed by Precision Camshafts Limited as a part of its CSR.

The project will provide scientific training for goat rearing and artificial insemination to willing farmers. The two-day training programs will impart knowledge in the areas of goat feed, breeding, deworming, medicines for diseases as well as sales arrangements. In commercial goat rearing, goat heat is synchronized exposing all goats to heat at the same time and then carrying out group artificial insemination. This results is breeding kids of the same species which can be sold at a good price. Bhagirath's ultra-modern artificial insemination centre and goat rearing project are adding modernity, science, technology and training to goat rearing.

Eco-Friendly Ganesh Idol project at Zarap

In the past few years, the use of Plaster of Paris in making Ganesh idols has increased as it is lighter in weight, idols come out more beautiful and is more profitable. However this has created many environmental and health problems. These idols have particularly proved to be hazardous after immersion in the water bodies as these are made of a chemical (Calcium sulphate dihydrate) that does not decompose for many months and is dangerous for the ecosystem of the waterbodies.

Ganesh festival is celebrated in a very big way in Konkan area. Considering this, Bhagirath Gram Vikas Pratishthan from Zarap in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra took a revolutionary step in making eco-friendly Ganesh idols. They experimented by mixing clay and cow dung (Gomay) as a medium to make the idols. These idols proved to be light in weight, beautiful as well as decomposable on immersion in water.

Bhagirath Pratishthan has developed a training model for making such Gomay Ganesh idols and are training the local artists to use the same. Bhagirath Gram Vikas Pratishthan is thus trying to create a movement for eco-friendly Gomay Ganesh idols. The project was funded by Precision as part of the CSR. Funds were utilised for procuring mixer pots, rolling pins, Ganesh moulds and other materials required for this training. The project is an important step towards environmental protection and conservation.



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