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Password Campaign

Precision Foundation with the help of Unique Features (Pune) launched an initiative called 'Password' to develop reading culture among children. The campaign will be implemented at ZP School Aran (Taluka Madha), ZP School Modnimb (Taluka Madha), ZP School Papari (Taluka Mohol), ZP School Ambika Nagar (Taluka Mohol), ZP School Belati (Taluka North Solapur), ZP School Ambika Nagar (Bale), Smt. Kamla Nehru Prashala (Jule Solapur) and Sonamata Prashala (Limayewadi, Solapur) About thousand students of class V to VII from these eight schools will benefit from this initiative.
The inauguration of 'Password' campaign was done at ZP School Aran (Taluka Madha) at the hands of Mr. Dilip Swamy, Chief Executive Officer of Solapur Zilla Parishad and Dr. Suhasini Shah, Chairperson of Precision Foundation, in the presence of Mr. Sanjay Kumar Rathod, Solapur Zilla Parishad Primary Education Officer and Mr. Anand Awadhani, Director of Unique Features (Pune).
"Password" a beautiful book full of interesting stories, poems, informative articles on current topics, puzzles is a perfect mix of knowledge and entertainment. Children will receive three issues of Password in an academic year. The primary objective of the campaign is to cultivate a reading culture among children.
"Password" will teach children to express their opinions coherently, improve their vocabulary, enhance their imagination, inculcate expressive communication as they will be asked to write essays on what they liked in the book. These essays would be assessed by a panel of teachers from Unique Features. Precision intends to continue this project for a minimum of three years to see positive changes in the children.

Mini Science Centre

Precision Foundation with the help of 'Stem Learning' of Mumbai has set up state-of-the-art Mini-Science Centres in five schools.
Sonamata Prashala (Solapur), Daji kaka Godbole Vidyalaya, Kamati (Taluka Mohol), Gyansadhana Prashala, Takali (Taluka South Solapur), Sahakar Maharshi Ganapatrao Sathe Prashala, Madha) and Ambika Vidyalaya, Shirapur (Taluka Mohol) are the beneficiary schools from Solapur district.
Each science centre is equipped with about 80 project models related to Science and Mathematics. Of these, 23 models operate on electricity. Numerous unique models including Newton's discs, floating balls, law of inertia, tower of feathers, pulley machine, solar energy, law of reflection will help students understand various basic concepts in science. About 30 teachers of Science and Mathematics and more than a thousand students from class 5 to 10 will benefit from this initiative. The science centres would also welcome students from other schools in the vicinity on fixed days.
The inauguration ceremony of these mini science centres was held at Sonamata Prashala on 26th August 2021. The program was followed by a full day training session for about 30 Science and Mathematics teachers from these five schools. Mr. Rahul Gavai of Stem Learning conducted the training & demonstrated the use of all project models for teaching. This initiative will inculcate scientific thinking and approach in school children and will give impetus to the creation of a science-oriented society.



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