Encouraging education has long been a subject of great interest for Precision Foundation. In a world where education has become the biggest differentiating factor, Precision Foundation offers an edge to the deprived and rural students through its activities.

Baithak@School 2.0

Baithak @ School was an initiative started by Precision Foundation in the year 2019-20 with the objective of exposing underprivileged children to Indian classical music and dance through Concerts. PCL with the help of Baithak Foundation, Pune organised about 30 concerts in 5 schools from Solapur. These concerts included vocal music, instrumental music and dance. The students thoroughly enjoyed the music and showed keen interest in learning more. We started the second season of Baithak@School 2.0 in July 2022 and will be conducting 6 concerts each in the selected 5 schools.

Gillo On The Go

‘Gillo On The Go’ … Traveling with Thatre for Children A novel initiative to take theatre to children, Precision foundation invited Gillo Repertory Theatre, a Mumbai based arts organization working exclusively for children and young people through Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) and took theatre to 24 schools from Solapur city and district. About 4000 students in the age group 6 to 12 years enjoyed watching theatre shows, reading books and participating in art activities. The Gillo team was stationed in Solapur for 2 weeks, from November 21 to December 4, 2022 and covered reached schools in a radius of about 50 kms. This was a great experience particularly for the rural school children who do not get an opportunity to watch theatre, leave alone child theatre. On the last day, a workshop was organized for teachers from these 24 school and they were explained how some subjects and story can be taught by enacting in groups and also by encouraging children to do the same.

Password Campaign 2.0

Precision Foundation with the help of Unique Features (Pune) launched an initiative called 'Password' to develop reading culture among children during the academic year 2021-22. About thousand students of class V to VII from eight schools benefited from this initiative. Under ‘Password Campaign 2.0’ we are continuing this initiative for the academic year 2022-23 for the second consecutive year. We intend to continue this project for a minimum of three years to see positive changes in the children. "Password" a beautiful book full of interesting stories, poems, informative articles on current topics, puzzles is a perfect mix of knowledge and entertainment. Children will receive three issues of Password in an academic year. The primary objective of the campaign is to cultivate a reading culture among children. "Password" will teach children to express their opinions coherently, improve their vocabulary, enhance their imagination, inculcate expressive communication as they will be asked to write essays on what they liked in the book. These essays would be assessed by a panel of teachers from Unique Features.

Provision of Computer Lab in Govt. Polytechnic, Solapur

The Government Polytechnic Institute in Solapur is a 75 year’s old institution. It is a renowned for imparting quality technical education. Lack of funds from the government was compelling students to use old systems and students were deprived of recent advances in computer knowledge. A well-equipped computer lab with 10 latest PC’s was set up as per the request of the institute which would greatly facilitate learning for the students of Computer Science.

Password Campaign - An Initiative by Precision Foundation To cultivate The Habit of Reading In Children

Precision Foundation with the help of Unique Features (Pune) launched an initiative called 'Password' to develop reading culture among children. The campaign will be implemented at ZP School Aran (Taluka Madha), ZP School Modnimb (Taluka Madha), ZP School Papari (Taluka Mohol), ZP School Ambika Nagar (Taluka Mohol), ZP School Belati (Taluka North Solapur), ZP School Ambika Nagar (Bale), Smt. Kamla Nehru Prashala (Jule Solapur) and Sonamata Prashala (Limayewadi, Solapur) About thousand students of class V to VII from these eight schools will benefit from this initiative.
The inauguration of 'Password' campaign was done at ZP School Aran (Taluka Madha) at the hands of Mr. Dilip Swamy, Chief Executive Officer of Solapur Zilla Parishad and Dr. Suhasini Shah, Chairperson of Precision Foundation, in the presence of Mr. Sanjay Kumar Rathod, Solapur Zilla Parishad Primary Education Officer and Mr. Anand Awadhani, Director of Unique Features (Pune).
"Password" a beautiful book full of interesting stories, poems, informative articles on current topics, puzzles is a perfect mix of knowledge and entertainment. Children will receive three issues of Password in an academic year. The primary objective of the campaign is to cultivate a reading culture among children.
"Password" will teach children to express their opinions coherently, improve their vocabulary, enhance their imagination, inculcate expressive communication as they will be asked to write essays on what they liked in the book. These essays would be assessed by a panel of teachers from Unique Features. Precision intends to continue this project for a minimum of three years to see positive changes in the children.

Precision Foundation sets up Mini Science Centres in five schools in Solapur district

Precision Foundation with the help of 'Stem Learning' of Mumbai has set up state-of-the-art Mini-Science Centres in five schools.
Sonamata Prashala (Solapur), Daji kaka Godbole Vidyalaya, Kamati (Taluka Mohol), Gyansadhana Prashala, Takali (Taluka South Solapur), Sahakar Maharshi Ganapatrao Sathe Prashala, Madha) and Ambika Vidyalaya, Shirapur (Taluka Mohol) are the beneficiary schools from Solapur district.
Each science centre is equipped with about 80 project models related to Science and Mathematics. Of these, 23 models operate on electricity. Numerous unique models including Newton's discs, floating balls, law of inertia, tower of feathers, pulley machine, solar energy, law of reflection will help students understand various basic concepts in science. About 30 teachers of Science and Mathematics and more than a thousand students from class 5 to 10 will benefit from this initiative. The science centres would also welcome students from other schools in the vicinity on fixed days.
The inauguration ceremony of these mini science centres was held at Sonamata Prashala on 26th August 2021. The program was followed by a full day training session for about 30 Science and Mathematics teachers from these five schools. Mr. Rahul Gavai of Stem Learning conducted the training & demonstrated the use of all project models for teaching. This initiative will inculcate scientific thinking and approach in school children and will give impetus to the creation of a science-oriented society.

Skill Development Centre at Mata Balak Utkarsh Pratishthan, Sangola

Mata BalakUtkarsh Pratishthan, an NGO from Sangola, a small town in Solapur District has been working in the areas of education, healthcare, women empowerment and environmental awareness under the able leadership of Dr. SanjivaniKelkar. The foundation supported their efforts in establishing ‘Skill Development Centre’and ‘Counselling Centre’ and also for their ‘Lend a Hand’ project. The funds provided were utilised for creating infrastructure of the centre and for the purchase of sewing machines, computers, furniture and also for getting resource persons for training of women. The project has benefited a large number of girls and women from Sangola Taluka.

Tune In

Precision has been organizing concerts in rural schools and some schools from the slum areas with the help of Baithak Foundation, Pune thus, taking performing arts to children who have never been exposed to any form of classical music or dance. It is very encouraging to see these children keen interest in music.
With the upcoming ‘Precision Sangeet Mahotsav’ in mind, ‘Tune In’ was organized again with the help of Baithak Foundation to educate people on how to appreciate and enjoy music. The program was conducted at two colleges and at the amphi-theatre in Solapur and was highly appreciated by all 350 participants. Mandar Karanjkar & Dakshayani Athalye of Baithak explained the concepts of Swar, Taal, Lay, Ragas and also various musical instruments through videos and interaction with the audience. They very beautifully compared music to delicious food… We do not have to understand every ingredient to appreciate and enjoy a dish, similarly we need not understand the raga to appreciate music.

'Baithak' @ Schools

To make children fall in love with Indian classical music and dance through Concerts, PCL with the help of Baithak Foundation, Pune is organising ‘Baithak at School’.
In this activity, 35 concerts will be organised in 5 schools from Solapur. These concerts will include vocal music, instrumental music and dance. Fifteen artists from Pune and seventeen artists from Solapur will perform instrumental music on Santoor, Flute, Tabla, Harmonium & Pakhwaj, Hindustani & Karnataki vocal music and Bharatnatyam, Kathak and Odissi dance forms.
This activity will be carried out till March 2020 and will benefit 600 students. In the first phase of Baithak, concerts were held on 26 & 27 September, 2019 at Sonamata Vidyalaya, Kamala Nehru Prashala, SMC School No. 28, Zilla Parishad Girl’s School (Degaon) and Samarth Vidyamandir (Shastri nagar). The concerts were followed by question and answer sessions. The students enjoyed the music and showed keen interest in learning more.

Vidyarthi Vikas Yojana

The Vidyarthi Vikas Yojana was started by Mr. Ravindra Karve with the main objective ofproviding financial support to students from 'Underprivileged Section of the society' to pursue higher education.Support is provided only to extraordinary brilliant students from poor families. About 40 volunteers associated with the Seva Sahyog Foundation carry out home visits to verify the Socioeconomic condition, conducive atmosphere at home for study and various documents to ensure that help reaches the needy students. Selection of student is purely based on Merit & Family’s economic condition without any discrimination on account of religion, gender, caste & creed. The fees of selected students are directly sent to the educational institution. In deserving cases support is provided books, travel & other incidentals. There is a strong follow-up mechanism to ensure student’s continuous higher performance.The foundation has supported the education of 287 students from 26 districts of Maharashtra over the last one year spending about 1.47 Crores – 19 of these students are from Solapur district. PCL through its CSR has joined hands with Seva Shayog for their Vidyarthi Vikas Yojana and help this noble cause.

Purva Seema Vikas Pratishthan

A great teacher, patriot and visionary Shri Shankar Dinkar alias Bhayyaji Kane laid the foundation principles of PSVP (Purva Seema Vikas Pratishthan) in 1971. He brought tribal children from remote hilly areas of Manipur (North-East India) to Maharashtra for better education. This work continued for more than two decades. More than 300 children were educated and excelled in their careers. Late Bhayyaji’s colleagues & students took the inspiration from his work and established PSVP as a trust in 1986.
India’s North-East region is also known as Purvanchal. This region is cut-off from heartland of India due to several reasons like inaccessibility, lack of industrial development, difference in people's facial features, un-availability of basic human needs for electricity, quality education facilities etc.
PSVP envisages and works towards changing the scenario of anti-social activities, lack of good educational facilities, and connecting the secluded area of North East to mainland India. PSVP is a Trust working for 'National Integration through Education'. PSVP built and now operates three schools in remote hilly areas of Manipur state. PCL through its CSR is financially supporting a school run by PSVP.

Pariwartan (Change)

PCL as a part of its CSR, has installed interactive e-learning kits at 120 schools in and around Solapur over the last 2 years. It includes about 90 schools from the rural areas that are run by the Zilla Parishad. The installation was done in 3 phases. Starting with a white board, projector and IR camera, moving on to Smart boards and to LED panels that get converted into touch screen, the kit comprised of tools using current technology every time. All schools are provided with Solar panels to ensure uninterrupted use of these tools. Teachers from these schools were given the necessary training at every stage of the project.
‘Pariwartan’, the fourth such training session for teachers was organized on 8th August 2019. It was attended by 704 teachers from 120 schools. The workshop was inaugurated by Mr. Prakash Waychal, CEO, Solapur Zilla Parishad.
Mr. Sandip Gund and Mr. Vishwas Yelnurkar conducted the training using LED panel and the Smart board. Mr. Omkar Modak briefed the teachers about care of the Solar panels and batteries provided to such school.
The interactive e-learning project has reached 99 villages/ towns across 3 districts and has benefitted 974 teachers and 24362 students.

Interactive E-learning Tools

In the year 2018-19, 10 more schools have received the interactive e-learning kits, taking the number of digital schools to 110.
In the third phase of the project, the kit comprised of a 55 inch LED TV which gets converted into a touch screen. The TV is mounted on a stand which allows height adjustment and can also be taken from classroom to classroom. The schools have also been provided with syllabus for 1st to 10th grade in the digital format and a number of Apps to make learning more interactive and enjoyable for the students.
All the interactive e-learning kits are run on alternate source of energy as solar power generating system is installed at every school covered under this project. A training session was conducted for about 70 teachers from these newly added schools by Mr. Sandip Gund, a well-known techno-savvy digital teacher.

Precision Interactive E-learning Project


  • On January 8th, 2018, Precision Foundation organized a day-long workshop called ‘PRABODHAN’ which was attended by 625 teachers and administrators from the 101 schools of 81 villages; where interactive e-learning tools have been provided by the Foundation in the last one and a half years.
  • The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Rajendra Bharud, CEO of Solapur Zilla Parishad.The technical training sessions were under the guidance of Mr. Vishwas Yelnoorkar & Mr. Sandip Gund who helped teachers understand the innovative uses of Digital Classrooms. The non-technical session was conducted by Mr. Kamlakar Sawant, Centre head of Nandurga, who motivated the teachers on how to work towards progress of the students and the schools. There were presentations by Somnath Walke from ZP Primary School, Pargaon Jogeshwari and Rohit Suryakant Ubale & Ankush Ramchandra Kumbhar from ZP Primary School, Kamati Budruk, who have used the interactive e-learning tools very innovatively at their respective schools and have created a model for other schools. The work shop was extremely beneficial for the teachers at large.

Interactive Learning through Interactive E-learning Tools

  • In 2016, Precision Foundation took a leap towards digitizing classrooms by providing interactive e-learning kits comprising of a projector, tablet, computer and an IR camera to nearly 50 schools. As part of this undertaking, teachers were also given the necessary training and digital course content for using the tools provided.
  • In order to make the digital classrooms self-sufficient and sustainable, Precision Foundation has installed solar panels to power all the digital classrooms.
  • On 2nd May, 2017, the Foundation conducted a workshop called Pratisaad (Feedback) for all the teachers from the 52 schools that have received the interactive e-learning kits. 354 teachers participated in this workshop. Prof. Vilas Bet explained the purpose of the workshop The teachers were divided into 10 groups and were given various topics for group discussion and were asked to present the outcome of their discussion. The workshop was very effective in understanding the benefits of the interactive e-learning kit provided to the students, teachers and the community in general. It also brought forward ideas on what needs to be done next and helped motivate the teachers to use the tool more efficiently.
  • In August 2017, Precision Foundation donated interactive e-learning kits to another 48 schools making the total number of schools 100 under its interactive e-learning Project.
    The kits donated to 48 Zilla Parishad, Solapur Municipal Corporation & Private schools, comprise of advanced smart boards compared to the white boards combined with IR cameras which were installed in 2016.
    538 enthusiastic teachers from 48 schools were in attendance for a training workshop held over a week at 4 schools selected as venues for the workshop. As part of the workshop, teachers were given training in operation of various devices and tools provided along with training in fundamentals of using the digital syllabus, use of the web and other resources for improved teaching practices.

Sponsorships for Sports & Athletes

  • Precision Camshafts Limited was the title sponsor for the ‘Precision Solapur Open Women's ITF $ 25K Lawn Tennis Tournament 2019’ organised by Maharashtra State Lawn Tennis Association and Solapur District Lawn Tennis Association from December 1 to 8, 2019. 56 players from 17 countries participated in this tournament with total prize money of USD 25000. This was the fifth time such an international tournament was organised in Solapur.
  • AratiJanoba Patil, a native of Nandgad village near Kolhapur, has been selected for the World Para-Badminton Championship. Born and raised in a poor family Arati is a specially-abled player, born with only one hand. With great determination and hard work she proved her mettle in several state, national and international-level badminton competitions.
    She bagged a silver medal in Asian Youth Para Games held in Dubai in 2017, a bronze medal in Victor-Denmark Para-Badminton Championship held in Denmark in 2018 and a bronze again in Uganda Para-Badminton, an international event held in Uganda in April 2019. Her consistent good performances in international events made selectors choose Arati for the world badminton championship. However she missed some championships for lack of funds.
    Currently she is training in Solapur under coach Sunil Dewang. PCL is supporting her financially to participate in the upcoming championships.
  • In September 2018, Precision Foundation sponsored Master Saishwar Guntuk, an eight year old Marathon Runner from Solapur, for the Kargil International Marathon. This was a High Altitude, low temperature Marathon and Saishwar completed 21 Kms in 2:53:05 holding 8th rank in the Boys Open category. Precision Foundation will be sponsoring him to participate in 8 to 10 prestigious Marathons over the next year.
  • Precision Foundation encourages and sponsors participation of local athletes at international levels sporting events.
  • Precision Foundation sponsored Ms. Prarthana Thombare of Barshi, an international lawn tennis player from 2007 to 2010. She represented India in the under 16 girls team and won a number of international tournaments over the 3 years. She also represented India at the Rio Summer Olympics in 2016.
  • Precision Foundation has been sponsoring the annual ‘Precision Scott Cricket Tournament’, organized by Central Railway Institute since 2012.

Skill Enhancement & Vocational Training

  • In 2014, Precision Foundation began fully sponsoring a one-year ‘Healthcare Assistant’ nursing course affiliated with Solapur University and taught at the B.C Girls Hostel, Solapur. This initiative aids in skill development and employment of 25 young women of Solapur annually.
  • In 2016, Precision Foundation sponsored the training of 22 visually impaired members of Swadhar - an organization which works towards overall rehabilitation of disabled people especially the blind. This initiative was part of Swadhar’s vocational training program.

Educational Workshops

  • In 2013, Precision Foundation conducted a one-day workshop for teachers and parents on brain based ‘constructive’ education.

School Adoption

  • In 2009, Precision Foundation adopted a rural English Medium School at Barur, Taluka South Solapur where more than 600 students from 14 nearby villages receive education. Precision Foundation has provided them with a school bus and a computer lab with 6 computers.
  • In 2011, Precision Foundation adopted a school in the settlement area of Solapur which houses people from the lowest strata of the society and have started implementation of brain based ‘constructive’ education with the help of ‘Gram Mangal’ a renowned institute working in the field of education.

Infrastructural Support

  • In 2009, Precision Foundation built infrastructure for a Zilla Parishad School in Solapur.
  • Precision Foundation has built a pavilion for spectators and a lounge for the tennis players at the Solapur District Sports Complex, a tennis facility developed by the Maharashtra State Lawn Tennis Association. Solapur was well equipped to host the first ever USD 10,000 Women’s ITF matches in 2012 because of this facility.
  • In 2015, Precision Foundation extended infrastructural support to the schools in and around the city of Solapur. The foundation has ensured basic security to some schools by building compound walls and gates and it has met the sanitary needs of the schools by building toilet blocks for some schools.

Teaching Aid

  • In 2008, Teaching aid consisting of a set of 8 headphones was donated to the deaf & dumb residential school operating in the locality of Precision Camshafts Limited.
  • In 2015, Precision Foundation set up computer labs in 12 schools from rural areas around Solapur.



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